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Barcelona Nord Bus Station Storage 2024

Lugagge storage in Barcelona Nord Bus

Barcelona's Estacio Nord was first opened as a train station back in 1862, but the train stopped running here in the 1970s. Now, Estacio Nord is better known as Barcelona Nord bus station, and its central location means it is also used as a sports hall and a police station.

Barcelona Nord is a hub of the city's public transit network, including the Barcelona Metro. It also receives long-distance buses from across Spain and other countries such as Portugal and France. Therefore, it functions as a gateway to the city for millions of travelers every year.

Estacio Nord can be a tiring place to navigate, but you'll have a much easier time if you don't carry more than you need to. That's where secure luggage storage can help. Drop off your heavy bags with a luggage storage service in Barcelona or at some self-serve storage lockers, and you'll be able to enjoy your trip to Nord station instead of dreading it.


Where can I find luggage storage in Barcelona Nord bus station?


Barcelona Nord has a left luggage service in the form of self-serve luggage lockers. You'll find lockers close to the Tourist Information kiosk in front of platforms 1 to 7. The luggage lockers come in a variety of different sizes, including some that can store ski equipment.


How does luggage storage work?


The luggage lockers at Barcelona Nord are convenient for storing luggage if you're passing through. However, in this busy station, there are only so many luggage lockers to go around. If you're looking for a longer-term solution or want to avoid the crowds, consider using a luggage storage service.


With a luggage storage service, you can drop off your bags at a location near Barcelona Nord and retrieve them when it's convenient for you. This can be especially helpful if you're staying in the city for an extended period.



What is the difference between luggage lockers and a luggage storage service?


Luggage lockers are a convenient way to store luggage for a short period of time, but they have several drawbacks. First, there is usually a limited number of lockers available, so you may have to wait in line during busy times. Second, luggage lockers are often small, so they can only accommodate smaller bags. Finally, the prices for luggage locker rental can add up, especially if you're staying in the city for a while.


A luggage storage service is a more flexible and affordable option for storing your luggage. With a luggage storage service, you can drop off your bags at a location near Barcelona Nord and get them whenever you want. Luggage storage services also allow you to store larger bags and have staff on hand to help you with any questions or problems.


What Is The Best Barcelona Nord bus station Luggage Storage App?


There are a few different options for luggage storage at Barcelona Nord bus station, but the best option is to use the Bounce app.

  • With Bounce, you can book luggage storage at a nearby partner location. They have dozens of partners across Barcelona, so you're sure to find a convenient location.

  • All bookings come with the $10,000 Bounce guarantee, so you can leave your bags and know that they're covered.

  • Booking through the website or app only takes a few minutes.


How much does Bounce’s Barcelona Nord bus station luggage storage cost?


The Bounce location right outside Estacio Nord charges €5 per bag per day to store your belongings.





How can I book Barcelona Nord bus station luggage storage with Bounce?

What are the other luggage storage options in Barcelona Nord bus station?

Alternative luggage storage near Barcelona Nord bus station


Besides the lockers operated by the bus station, there are no luggage storage services inside Nord. You'll find some local shops that may be willing to store your things, but their space is limited, and hours may not be convenient for you. Your best bet is to use the Bounce app to find a convenient place to store your things right next to Nord Station, so you don't have to waste your time on vacation looking for luggage storage.

Hotel luggage storage/Airbnb luggage storage


If you're staying in a hotel or Airbnb near Barcelona Nord, you may be able to store your luggage there. Check with your host or concierge to see if this is an option. If not, don't worry - you can always use the Bounce app to find a nearby luggage storage location. Just book through the app and drop off your things. It's easy and convenient. It's also a great option if you have an early check-out or late arrival.


Useful Information about Barcelona Nord bus station


Barcelona Nord bus station is located in the Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, in the Sant Martí district of Barcelona. The station was built in 2009 to replace the previous Estació del Nord, which was demolished to make way for the new station. The new station has been designed by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill and is one of the largest bus stations in Europe.


Nearby attractions include the Palau de la Música Catalana, the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, and the Camp Nou Stadium, home of FC Barcelona.


The station has a wide range of facilities, including a cafe, a restaurant, a newsstand, a pharmacy, an ATM, and a luggage storage service. There is also a hotel located at the station.


Best restaurants near Barcelona Nord bus station


Near Barcelona Nord bus station, you'll find a wide range of dining options to suit any taste. For a quick bite, there are plenty of fast food options like McDonald's. If you want more of a substantial sit-down meal, there are restaurants serving Catalan and international cuisine, like Triomf Restaurant or Fismuler, just a couple of blocks from the station. And for a coffee or a snack, there are plenty of cafes to choose from. So whether you're looking for a quick bite or a leisurely sit-down meal, you'll find what you're looking for near Nord Station.


How do I get to Barcelona Nord bus station?


By public transport, the best way to get to the station is by metro. The closest metro station is Marina, which is on Line 1 (red line). Line 1 runs from north to south through the city and stops at many of Barcelona's major attractions, so it's a great option if you're exploring the city.


If you're coming by taxi, the best place to drop off is on Carrer Badajoz. There are also plenty of parking options near the station if you're driving.


How early should I arrive at Barcelona Nord bus station?


It depends on your bus company's policy, but we recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time. This will give you plenty of time to find your gate and get settled before your bus leaves.

Remember, it's always better to be early than late!


Can I store my bags inside Barcelona Nord bus station?


Yes, a luggage storage service is available at Barcelona Nord bus station. The service is located in the main hall of the station and is open from 7 am to 9 pm.


If you're looking for a more convenient option, you can use a luggage storage app like Bounce. With Bounce, you can store your bags in a nearby shop or cafe. Just book online or through the app, and drop off your bags at the location. It's a great option if you're exploring the city and don't want to be weighed down by your luggage.


Can you rent a locker at Barcelona Nord bus station?


Yes, there are lockers available in front of platforms 1 to 7 in Barcelona Nord.

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