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Barcelona luggage storage

A Guide to Luggage Storage in Barcelona for 2024 

Exploring Barcelona is a great adventure. This city is full of stunning turn-of-the-last-century architecture and fascinating Catalan culture, making it a unique place to explore. And whether you arrive via Barcelona Airport or through the Barcelona Nord bus station, you'll soon find yourself caught up in the buzz of this great city.

However, you won't find it nearly as much fun if you're carrying heavy bags with you. That's why luggage storage in Barcelona is a great way to make sure you have a more pleasurable trip. The right bag storage can spare your back and keep your belongings safe while you explore.

Here's how Bounce can help take care of your things while you enjoy Gaudi's city.


How do I find luggage storage in Barcelona?


There are a couple of different types of luggage storage in Barcelona. One type is the old-fashioned storage lockers from luggage storage companies that you'll find in many a train station or airport throughout the city. A small locker can provide an affordable choice among your luggage storage options, but it may not be the most convenient for those with lots of big bags.

An alternative is to take advantage of a bag storage service at your hotel. Many hotels in Barcelona offer this type of service to their guests, and it can be a great way to keep your things safe while you're out exploring. Just be sure to check with your hotel before you leave to see if they offer this type of service. Many of the smaller boutique hotels in the city may not have the space to offer left luggage service, and those that do may only agree to store luggage for current guests.

Another option is to use a luggage storage service like Bounce. Bounce offers luggage storage locations all over Barcelona, so you can easily find a spot to store your things when you need it. And because all of our storage locations are vetted for security, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe with us. Plus, our storage locations can accommodate heavy luggage and big bags, and our prices are very affordable. We also offer an insurance policy of up to $10,000, so you can have peace of mind knowing your belongings are protected. And if you need any help, our customer support team is always available to assist you.


When you're looking for a convenient, safe, and affordable place to store your things while you explore Barcelona, Bounce is a perfect choice.

How does luggage storage with Bounce work?


If you're looking for a convenient place to store your luggage, Bounce is here to help. You can find our storage locations all over the city, and we've partnered with small businesses all around Barcelona to create them. To get started, simply go to our website or download our app. Then, use our interactive map to find the best storage spot near you. Once you've found a spot, you can book your storage right then and there. We'll send you a confirmation email with all the details, and you're good to go!

Where to store your bags in Barcelona


Bounce has hundreds of locations around Barcelona, so you're sure to find a spot near you. And because we partner with small businesses all over the city, you can feel good knowing that you're supporting local businesses when you use Bounce.

Luggage storage near Barcelona's top attractions


Sagrada Familia. Camp Nou. Park Guell. Barcelona has so many intriguing locations to explore that it's easy to get overwhelmed. But choosing the best luggage storage service in Barcelona can make your visit easier.

For example, if you're visiting the Picasso Museum, you can store your things at our luggage storage spot just a few minutes away. Or, if you're taking a tour of the Sagrada Familia, you can drop your things off at our storage location nearby and enjoy your tour without worrying about your bags. And because we have so many locations all over Barcelona, you can always find a spot near you when you need it.

Luggage storage in Barcelona train stations and airports


Barcelona El Prat Airport: Luggage storage in Barcelona's international airport is offered by a third-party luggage storage service. You'll find luggage storage in both terminals of Barcelona Airport. It costs €6 to store bags for only two hours and €12 for a full 24 hours. Be aware that space in this luggage facility is limited. There are also additional charges for leaving large items at a luggage storage in the Barcelona Airport terminal.


Barcelona Nord bus station: You can find lockers to store luggage at Barcelona Nord bus station next to the tourist information office in front of platforms 1 to 7. Note that these lockers are on the small side and tend to fill up quickly during busy periods. They are also coin-operated, so you'll need to make change to use them. Alternatively, you may find it more convenient to use Bounce's luggage storage service, which provides bag storage for any size of bag and lets you pay in advance through the convenient app.


Barcelona Sants train station: At Barcelona's main train station, you'll find a luggage storage service on the lowest level of the station, along with the car rental agencies. This is a staffed facility that will x-ray your bags before letting them in. This makes for secure bag storage, but it does mean you'll be at the mercy of their opening hours, which are from 7 AM to 10 PM. It's also on the expensive side, costing €6 for only two hours and €10 for a full day. If you're looking for a more affordable luggage storage service, Bounce can connect you with local businesses that will safely look after your things more cheaply.


Check out our app to see the convenient luggage storage locations we can offer as alternatives to these storage lockers.


Don't forget to download the Bounce luggage storage app


Available in the Apple Store and the Google Play store, the Bounce app is your best friend when it comes to finding luggage lockers near you. The Bounce app and its interactive map make it easy to find and use our luggage storage service so that you can travel with confidence wherever you go.

Store your luggage in Barcelona


The Full Story

Bounce is the largest luggage storage platform in the world. We have partnered with local businesses such as souvenir shops, Cafes, and restaurants to create secure and convenient luggage storage drop points. We don't want your luggage to hold you back from exploring something new. Our storage locations are also great spots to drop off gym bags, e-scooters, and more. If we can lift it we can store it! 

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